The Perfect Gift

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The Challenge:
A member came to us with a very special request. She wanted to buy a diamond to celebrate the anniversary of the passing of her husband. He studies gemology in college, and had a deep appreciation of rare stones.
We needed to source something that was not only an investment, but that was special enough to signify her husband and mark the anniversary. An heirloom that would be passed down for generations to come!

The Solution:
We sourced a 5.32 carat Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Ring. 5.32 carat represented the 10 years (5+3+2) and set it in the most magnificent ring, surrounding it by 1.13ct of round diamonds. As a surprise we named the diamond after her husband and registered it with the diamond registry and got the certificate of name for this special piece. We presented this to her with her new diamond ring. There were many tears ad one very satisfied member.

This piece would normally cost over $250,000 and we got it for out client for under $150,000. GIA Certified and the best quality stone. We use our contacts to get you the best and at the best prices. Fancy color Diamonds are also one of the best investments o the market today.

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