Professional Athletes

We specialize in lifestyle management for professional athletes. We understand that as your career and success mature, so too do life's demands. With so many personal and professional commitments to manage, day to day details can become overly stressful, not to mention incredibly time consuming. As a member of One Lifestyle Management you are assigned a lifestyle manager that attends to the details of your everyday life.

Team sports athletes also have a greater need for relocation services. For these clients we usually plan a short luxury trip so they can relax and unwind, while our teams relocate and organize their lives in a new city. They return to their new home with everything relocated and organized. Cars detailed and ready, clothes placed in their new closets, pools cleaned and warm, and fresh flowers on display.

No hassle. No stress.

As a member you get a personal lifestyle manager that looks after every detail of your life. You only deal with the one person who then deploys our teams to make sure your life is headache free.

Due to the nature of our clientele, our members receive discounted rates exclusive to One Lifestyle Management. Car purchases, air charter, hotels, property services, luxury goods, and more. One Lifestyle saves you time and money, while making sure you receive the best of the best.

  • Travel Planning and Organization
  • Hotel Booking and Upgrades, Airline Booking & Jet Charter
  • Property Management & Maintenance
  • Relocation Services
  • Car Purchasing
  • Gift Buying & Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Special Requests (art, rare & hard to find items) Hermes Birkin Bags, Chanel and Limited Edition Collections.

Your lifestyle manager tailors your membership to suit your needs and the needs of your family.

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Examples of Assistance:

– We have an in-house travel department so you get the best rate on flights, hotels, holidays, once in a lifetime experiences. You get upgraded everywhere you go and have complimentary massages etc. and also get the best prices.We have an in-house travel department with the very best travel concierges, here to assist you with everything you need. From travel planning and organization, to hotel bookings and upgrades, airline booking and jet charter, we make sure you get the best prices, while making sure you have the best experience available.
– We get the very best prices on the market, while making sure you have the newest and best aircrafts, with state-of-the-art interiors. We’re proud to bring you a world-class flight experience and are known for our customer service and providing a truly elevated premium experience .

– We have a dedicated property team that looks after all property management and maintenance, from absentee maintenance to housekeepers, handyman and nannies. This department also looks after design and build projects and we have general contractors that are honest and transparent and incredibly talented. All our team have have been hand-picked over many years because of their skills and experience. Our property division employs over 40 dedicated professionals.
– Relocation Services – A turnkey solution with all your belongings in the new home and your cars parked outside. You do not need to worry about anything!

– Fashion and style are important lifestyle needs, especially when your in the public eye. We have teams of buyers that fly around the world to buy rare Hermes Birkin and other luxury products that are on our members wish-list. We also get up to 50% off some top designer brands at different times of year AND we get ALL designer brands 3 months before they hit the shelves. So you are always wearing it first! This service is unique to One Lifestyle members.
– Gift Buying & Delivery. Tracking special occasion dates and sourcing the perfect gifts!

Special Requests:
– Art sourcing and buying. Making sure you buy right and find good investments. We broker art purchases for you and also have curators that look for new upcoming artists, that are good investments.
– Car buying and detailing and at discounted prices. (20% off all vehicles, we by at wholesale from the brands and with full warranty)
– Jewelry pieces and once off creations.
– Medical Concierge. Let the doctors and pediatricians come to you in your home.

– We also have an events department and look after all events for our members, from weddings to anniversaries to holiday parties or kiddie parties.

– Beauty, Spa, Massage
– Theater, Sporting, Special Events (Super Bowl, Grand-Prix)
– Priority Dinner reservations
– VIP Access
– Personal Security


It is a very unique model where we are selective of who we take on and all our members save time, save a lot of money and enhance their lifestyles by getting access to the very best. Many extras and perks are built in for our members only and are not available anywhere else in the world.

We are a one-stop shop, where our clients have fewer headaches and can just text or call one person and that person makes it happen. We also work with our member’s assistants and managers, but mostly direct.

Membership is only $5,000 and each member receives a full time lifestyle manager and also saves on average 10-20% on all travel, fashion, jewelry, cars, property management etc.


Become a member?

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